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6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done

The last time I updated this, I was still in college… I thought it was time to update this list with more awesome things I’ve done.

6. TEDxSeattle

ZacTEDx 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done

I was invited to speak at TEDxSeattle in June, 2013. I was able to tie my expertise in Parkour to some of the techniques my company LIFFFT uses to help big companies build better products. My talk is called Parkour and the Art of Problem Solving. Skip to 3:49:21 to watch my talk.

5. Laughpong:

laughpong 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done
Shortly after arriving in Seattle, I met Forest Gibson and got involved with the Laughpong Youtube channel he started. We wanted to see if we could reliably and consistently produce videos that go viral.. and have had great success! We have 10+ million views across 14 videos, including Grand Theft Auto Kinect , Things Not To Ask Siri, and…..

4. The Day the Lolcats Died

lolcatsdied 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done
I came up with this idea the Thursday before the January 18th SOPA/PIPA Blackout Protests. We wrote the script on Friday, filmed on Saturday, edited on Sunday, prepped our launch strategy on Monday, then launched on Tuesday. Without a week, we had over 800,000 views. Our video was covered on TechCrunch, Wired, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, NPR, MSNBC, and Fark. It was trending on Twitter and Youtube. It was retweeted by people and organizations like the EFF, Alexis Ohanian, and Brad Feld. It was even stolen without attribution by College Humor (that’s when you know you’ve hit it big)!

3. Hacker News Seattle Meetup

hnmeetup 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done
Hacker News is a influential news aggregator site run by YCombinator for tech, startup, and entrepreneurial news. Last August I realized that other cities had Hacker News meetups… so why didn’t Seattle? So I started it, and four days later 70 people showed up to the first one. The monthly event now draws about 150 people, and I provide free food, drinks, and invite an influential entrepreneur or tech legend to speak. Previous speakers have included Dan Shapiro, Ben Huh, John Cook, and ***Greg Gottesman***

2. Startup Weekend

startupweekend 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done
I accepted a job with Startup Weekend, a 501(c)3 that brings developers, designers, and non-technical people together to pitch ideas, join teams, and build startups over the course of a weekend. I’m joining at the beginning of an exciting growth period… we had 261 events in 2011 and are expecting to hit 500 this year! I’m working closely with Google to develop our pre-event program. I’m also designing and building out our Government themed events and a Political Outreach Program to teach more politicians about the startups and tech industry.

1. More Backflips!

chinaflip 6 More Cool Things Zac Cohn Has Done
And of course… I’m still doing backflips! On my recent trip to Beijing, China, my friend Aaron got a fantastic picture of me doing a backflip on the Great Wall of China. You know what they say – When in Rome… DO BACKFLIPS!